Offer / How a design comes into being

MOTIFO studio creates interior designs suited to individual needs and expectations of each client. The
effects of our work are minimalistic but not colorless interiors where functionality plays the main role.
Our aim is to create a coherent and well-managed space, pleasant to live and work in.

How do we prepare your design?

Each project starts with precise measurements of all the rooms. Then we prepare a conceptual design
of your interior. As part of it you will receive:

  • Lfunctional layout of the rooms, i.e. kitchen layout, bathroom, etc.
  • proposal of finishes and colors
  • drawing of switches and sockets arrangement
  • drawing of lightning points arrangement
  • drawing of plumbing/water installation
  • photo realistic visualizations of rooms
Do you need a more detailed approach?

In that case we will prepare for you an executive project, which includes:

  • technical drawings of all rooms, i.e. projections, walls expansions
  • technical drawings and valuation of furniture/built-in furniture done by a carpenter/metalworker
  • list and valuation of finishes
  • list and valuation of interior fittings
  • list and valuation of lighting

A project prepared in this way can be simply handed to the foreman of the construction crew

We will help you with construction

Don’t know which construction crew to choose? In this case we will recommend you trustworthy and
efficient contractors. For years we have been working with many construction teams, that’s why we
will suggest those, on whom you can really rely.

Don’t have time to oversee a construction, don’t really know much about technical matters or you
simply don’t like the sound of hammers and drills? Then we offer comprehensive supervision over the
construction. Thanks to that you will be certain that the interior works are going to be carried out in accordance with the project prepared for you.

And perhaps during the execution of the project you would like to go on longer holiday?

Turnkey construction is going to be the perfect solution for you then. In such a case, we take over matters connected with the construction: from orders, to supervising the construction crew. You don’t have to worry about the construction – we will take care of everything.


The cost of preparing a project depends on the size of the interior, your expectations, the scope of the project, and whether you order only a conceptual design, or the full turnkey option. As early as at the initial stage we will present you a detailed valuation of preparing the project and its execution. Thanks to that you will know exactly what costs you are going to incur; nothing will surprise you.

Go ahead and contact ask.

Justyna Twardowska